This is a simple blog to let those who know me, what plans I have for getting up and outside. Some of my friends enjoy walking or S.M.A.S.H.ing while others enjoy the thrill of mountain biking C.R.A.S.H.ing. Of course I enjoy both and try to take advantage of the many areas of natural outstanding beauty the North East offers.

I’ll attempt to describe my experiences using words, photos and some video so that should anyone interested in exploring these areas may gain some idea of what’s in store.This blog includes a diary of walks and mountain bike rides for those looking to join in.

It’s important to know I do not claim to be an expert in outdoor pursuits, I have not intended for this blog to be used as a source of technical reference. I may and probably will make errors, therefore I am open to ideas and sound advice.

So if you know me then do follow the blog and post comments.

Take care,


2 thoughts on “About

  1. ‘Smashing’ blog DB. – I could be looking good to join you for the Reeth & Reeth High Moor 20k and no doubt anything else in the SMASH and CRASH diary afterwards.

    Keep up the shenanigans


    • Yeah thanks Keith,
      just so you know I’m committing to getting the whole family out. Jack and Emily have been out with the SMASH crew a couple of times and Lesley appeared for one too up Latrigg. I know how Paige feels about walking but like Jack and Emily they prefer it when they are out together and no doubt Paige will enjoy it more if she knew Jack and Emily were out too. So bring them along, Nicola can come of course too and that’ll be good for Lesley I’m sure. This isn’t something I do just for my own pleasure but to use as a basis for getting better time together with the family. I’m sure you can see there’s merit in the idea. I’m going to have to put in more gym hours cause I think Max will need a shoulder carry.

      Good to hear from you mate, I guess you’re home around March, can’t wait.

      Take it easy.


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